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Meet The South Pacific Alliance Family

The South Pacific Alliance is a family of Alliance churches across Arizona, New Mexico, parts of California and Southern Nevada. As a family, we are seeking to courageously follow Jesus in the world.

Team member 7

Bill Malick

District Superintendent

David Gilmore

District Superintendent-Elect
Team member 12

Steve Riley

Assistant Superintendent

Dan Allen

Managing Director
Gina Edmond2

Gina Edmond

Executive Assistant
Cook, Tammy

Tammy Cook

Executive Assistant/ Finance
Vergara Michelle

Michelle Vergara

Sr. Administrative Assistant
Team member 8

Ann Mangham

Administrative Assistant
Team member 14

Michael Gilmore

Youth Ministries Coordinator
Team member 2

Jess Bolet

Children’s Ministries Coordinator
Team member 11

Dave Reynolds

Southwest Church Planting Director
Team member 1

Kathi Allen

Southwest Church Planting Administrator

Gary and Joy Tangeman

Standing Stone Ministry
Pastoral Support & Care

Nate San

Pan Asian Leadership
Team member 9

Moises Valentin

Hispanic Ministries Liaison

Monte Coffman

Arizona/New Mexico Liaison

Alan Chow

Chinese Ministries Liaison

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