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Meet The South Pacific Alliance Family

The South Pacific Alliance is a family of Alliance churches across Arizona, New Mexico, parts of California and Southern Nevada. As a family, we are seeking to courageously follow Jesus in the world.

David Gilmore

District Superintendent

Keith Neigenfind

Assistant to the District Superintendent

Dan Allen

Managing Director

Gina Edmond

Executive Assistant / LO&CC

Tammy Cook

Executive Assistant/ Finance

Michelle Vergara

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Ann Mangham

Administrative Assistant

Michael Gilmore

Youth Ministries Coordinator

Dave Reynolds

Southwest Church Planting Director

Kathi Allen

Southwest Church Planting Administrator

Gary and Joy Tangeman

Standing Stone Ministry
Pastoral Support & Care

Nate San

Pan Asian Leadership

Monte Coffman

Arizona/New Mexico Liaison

Alan Chow

Chinese Ministries Liaison

Moises Valentin

Hispanic Ministries Liaison

Lorenzo "Bong" Collado

Filipino Ministries Liaison

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