The Alliance


The Alliance is a global church with a passion to invite people to follow Jesus. Around the world, The Alliance establishes new churches, schools, clinics, hospitals, community centers, and radio stations, and engages in other strategic initiatives.

Today there are tens of millions of people worshipping in Alliance churches around the world. 

The Alliance U.S. consists of more than 2,000 churches. Together, we continue to start new churches across the nation and around the world with the driving value to reach the whole person with the whole gospel — it’s the call God has on us as a family. The Alliance global staff currently serve in nearly 70 countries planting churches; training national leaders; providing relief and development assistance; delivering medical and dental care; and embracing micro-enterprise projects.



The Alliance began in the late 1800s when God spoke to the heart of A.B. Simpson, a Presbyterian pastor, upon seeing floods of immigrants pour into New York City; far from God and largely ignored by the established church. Simpson left his church to start the New York Gospel Tabernacle to welcome the poor, the homeless, the sick, and the displaced across the neighborhoods of New York. His ministry to immigrants ultimately led to a grander vision from God to reach the unreached masses of people around the world.

With this vision, Simpson courageously began to assemble like-minded people with a passion for taking the whole gospel to the whole world. He introduced evangelistic meetings on Sunday afternoons which over time grew into camp meetings and revivals up and down the East Coast. This was the beginning of The Alliance.

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