The Lighthouse Retreat Center


In the 1970s, the founders wanted to provide a safe harbor for people in ministry, a place of renewal to keep them from crashing on the rocks of the sometimes rugged experiences of ministry life. They envisioned this as a place where people could experience spiritual refreshment and renewal with our Lord Jesus Christ, away from the pressures of normal life.


About The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a place where pastors and teachers come for rest, renewal, to study, pray or write. Where church staff and leaders can retreat to pray and plan. Where groups can come away to focus on our wonderful Lord Jesus and be refreshed by studying His Word. Where ministry families can experience a Christ-centered time, away from their normal routines.

The founders of The Lighthouse have entrusted its future stewardship to The South Pacific District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our hope and prayer is that you experience special times with Jesus Christ at The Lighthouse.


The Lighthouse Retreat Center is situated on 2 acres of pine trees one block from Big Bear Lake.

The Lodge is a rentable 5 bedroom, 2 story home that sleeps up to 15 people. Perfect for team leadership planning events, prayer events, and adult retreats.

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